Welcome to the party, PDFs, spreadsheets, docs, and other more random files. Plus have a laugh and bond with your group by sharing videos!

  • Share guidelines, to-do lists and more, all in Sphere.

  • View files and discuss with just the right people, without switching apps or windows.

  • Forward docs to other apps, so once you've agreed on a poster or team sheet, you can share it more widely.

  • Protect your phone storage: We don't automatically download videos to your phone.

  • Send uber-sized videos: Stream up to 10 min of video in Sphere (vs 16mb or ~3 min on WhatsApp)

  • Play many video types: However funky your video type is, we support it from MP4 to MOV.


How can I share a file in Sphere?

  • When you're in a chat, tap the + in the typebar at the bottom

  • Select 'File'

  • Select one file to upload.

How can I forward a file from Sphere to another app?

  • Click the file to view it.

  • Select 'share' option.

  • Select the app you want to forward the file to.

What's the maximum file size I can share in Sphere?

  • 40mbs

Wha's the maximum video size I can share in Sphere?

  • 1GB

Which files are supported by Sphere?

  • Sphere uses Cloudinary to support file-sharing, so we support any files Cloudinary support.

  • Here's the list of files Cloudinary doesn't support: 'action', 'apk', 'app', 'bat', 'bin', 'cmd', 'com', 'command', 'cpl', 'csh', 'exe', 'gadget', 'inf1', 'ins', 'inx', 'ipa', 'isu', 'job', 'jse', 'ksh', 'lnk', 'msc', 'msi', 'msp', 'mst', 'osx', 'out', 'paf', 'pif', 'prg', 'ps1', 'reg', 'rgs', 'run', 'sct', 'shb', 'shs', 'u3p', 'vb', 'vbe', 'vbs', 'vbscript', 'workflow', 'ws', 'wsf'.

What video files are supported by Sphere?

  • video file types — all types except what cloudinary doesn't support

  • most common types: VI (audio video interleave) and WMV (Windows media video) ... MOV and QT (Quicktime formats) ... MKV (matroska format) ... MP4. ... AVCHD (advanced video coding, high definition) ... FLV and SWF (Flash formats)

Can I upload multiple files at the same time?

  • At the moment, you can only upload single files.

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