Welcome! Sphere is a free chat app for groups to discuss and organise effortlessly, so you can feel closer and achieve more, together.

We are currently in an early Beta phase, so development is moving quickly, and the feature set is changing and evolving over time.

If anything in this document is no longer relevant, please let us know. All feedback is super helpful for us during this phase of building out our app, so if you have suggestions or thoughts, we'd love to hear them!

In Sphere, you can:

  • Create multiple chats for your group: easily find all your group's chats in one place.

  • Pick which chats to join: keep it relevant to you by only joining chats you care about.

  • Send highlighted announcements: so no one misses important messages, even when skimming.

  • Get group responses easily: find out who's free with one easy poll.

  • Skip to important messages: view all important messages for a chat, so you can keep up with the group when busy.

  • Remind others effortlessly: send a notification to everyone who hasn’t read your important message in just one tap.

  • Make chats secret or public: keep sensitive conversations and surprise birthday plans private.

  • Have a laugh and bond with your group by sharing videos

  • Share PDFs, spreadsheets, docs, and more all in Sphere

How can I download Sphere?

  • To get into the right sphere, click your invite link

  • Then you'll be redirected to download the app

  • If you forget to copy the code, click the link again

Once you've downloaded the app and signed up, you can:

  • Create new chats: tap the + at the bottom of the feed

  • Follow chats to get notifications and send messages

  • Create new spheres: + in top right corner of feed

  • Edit your profile and contact us: ⬣ in top left corner of feed

  • Invite your friends: tap the sphere profile image icon

  • Send polls, announcements and pictures: inside a chat + bottom left corner of feed

We recommend that anyone using Sphere adds their first name, last name and profile picture before they start chatting.

Filling out your profile information increases trust in your messages and helps people to recognise you.

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